Care for your skin & for our environment

Our story

Dermeco Oy was founded in 2019 by two industrial designers with the goal of creating the world’s first ecological hydrocolloid dressing. 

With continuous research and innovative product development we have been able to create a patent-pending hydrocolloid dressing that decomposes into carbon dioxide, water and humus and does not break down into harmful microplastics.

The technology can be used for skin adhesive plasters, patches, masks and wound dressings to improve or prevent any skin related medical or aesthetical concerns such as wounds, blisters, cold sores, acne, corns, cracked skin, burns, pressure ulcers, eczema, scarring and stretch marks.

Our team consists of doctors, investors and other industry professionals with extensive experience in the field. Our partner network is backed by Business Finland, Terkko HealthHub, Startup Lions and Whitecoach Oy.

We are the winners of Productive Idea Award and the best startup in 2022 in an innovation competition organized by JCI Finland and Nasdaq Helsinki. Dermeco was awarded by the jury based on the notable potential in the global market and the global impact that the technology offers with its biodegradability and use of renewable resources.

Our company has been nominated as a ‘Best HealthTech Startup’ and ‘Best GreenTech Startup’ finalist in Nordic Startup Awards in both 2022 and 2023.

Our Team

Meet our talented team

Heikki Hartikainen

Chief Operating Officer

Raija-Leena Söderholm

Chairman of the Board

Eikka Heikinheimo

Member of the Board

Elias Eerikinharju

Sales Representative