Dermeco Oy is a Finnish startup with a patent-pending technology offering sustainable material solutions for hydrocolloid wound dressings.

Our hydrocolloid dressing world’s first and only ecological hydrocolloid dressing that decomposes into carbon dioxide, water and humus and does not break down into harmful microplastics.


Best startup 2022

Dermeco is the winner of the Productive Idea Award and the best startup in 2022 in an innovation competition organized by JCI Finland and Nasdaq Helsinki.

Dermeco was awarded by the jury based on the notable potential in the global market and the global impact that the technology offers with its biodegradability and use of renewable resources.

Our Technology


Our hydrocolloid dressing is biodegradable and decomposes into carbon dioxide, water and humus. By removing all unnecessary synthetic ingredients we minimize the risk of skin discomfort, irritation and allergies. 

Material performance

Our material material is is biocompatible and proven effective, safe and competitive quality by the leading certification facilities and standards (2022).

Protecting wildlife

The decomposing process does not leave behind any harmful microplastics that could be fatal to wildlife and pose a threat to ecosystems and human health.

Production processes

We utilize wind power and waste heat in the production processes of our components to minimize our carbon footprint. The decomposing of the material is proven with EN 13432 standard (2022).

The problem of conventional dressings

Hydrocolloid dressings generate an estimated 30 million kilograms of waste annually. This waste eventually ends up in our oceans, nature and landfills and takes on average 400 years to decompose.

The breaking-down process leaves behind half a million kilograms of microplastics annually, posing a threat to wildlife , ecosystems and human health.

Waste annually
To decompose
Micro plastics


wound care

Hydrocolloid dressings that are generally prescribed for more severe wounds after a visit to the doctor or hospital.

wound care

Hydrocolloid plasters used on your own at home, aimed at treating non-severe wounds like blisters and sores.

Acne &

Treats cosmetic skin conditions such as acne, spots, scars, wrinkles or pores.

Sustainability market

Sustainability is one of the biggest future trends in health care. 

Health care


Research shows that 92% of the consumers and 82% of health care establishments have significant concern for the environmental impact of product and packaging in 2027. 71% are also willing to pay premium for environmentally friendly products.


Waste reduction

Our material decomposes in less than six months 

Competitive advantage

Our material is the only biodegradable hydrocolloid dressing in the world with three patent applications.

Increased brand value

Investing in sustainable innovations and offering ecological solutions increases brand value.

Cost savings in taxation

Possible cost savings due to plastic tax exemption with plastic taxations and waste prevention policies.

JCI Finland & Nasdaq Helsinki

Dermeco is the winner of the Productive Idea Award and the best startup in 2022 in an innovation competition organized by JCI Finland and Nasdaq Helsinki.


Dermeco’s co-funder Heini Isoaho was included in the MIT Technology Review Innovators Under 35 list in 2023 with Dermeco’s innovative hydrocolloid technology. 


Dermeco is a finalist in IdeaRace Lahti 2022 innovation competition