Dermeco Oy is a Finnish startup offering sustainable material solutions for the wound care market. We specialise in developing ecological material innovations for hydrocolloid skin adhesive products in order to lower the environmental impact of the wound care industry.


The demand for environmentally friendly products is constantly rising among consumers. Due to the lack of ecological options in the market, new innovations are greatly needed in the field in order to reduce waste and the environmental impact of the industry.

Tested & proven results

We offer ecological material innovations without compromising on quality and performance. Our solutions meet all industry standards and are proven to have a competitive material performance and excellent quality. The environmental impact of our products is tested by leading inspection companies and verified with required certifications.


Our technology can be used for skin adhesive plasters, patches, masks and wound dressings to improve or prevent any skin related medical or aesthetic concerns such as wounds, blisters, cold sores, acne, corns, cracked skin, burns, pressure ulcers, eczema, scarring or stretch marks.

Traditional Wound Care

Over-the-counter wound care solutions. Aimed at treating non-severe wounds like blisters and sores in home settings.

Advanced Wound Care

Wound care and management at hospitals, ASCs and Wound Care Centers. Products are generally prescribed by clinicians after a visit to the doctor or hospital.

Acne & Skin Care

Hydrocolloid skin adhesive patches improving cosmetic skin conditions such as acne, spots, wrinkles & pores.

Future Opportunities

With a constantly rising demand for sustainable products and lack of options on the market, there is a need and notable market opportunity for new innovations and material solutions.


Consumers find sustainable and environmentally responsible products important

Sustainability and environmentally responsible attributes are significant considerations in consumer purchasing behaviour


Of consumers think that the use of natural ingredients is important 

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